Frequently asked Questions

What is the Activforce 2?

The Activforce 2 is a patented dynamometer, inclinometer and easy-to-use companion app that utilizes advanced technology to collect and measure real-time force and range of motion data. The Activforce 2 provides accurate measurements of the following:

  • Active and Passive Range of Motion (AROM & PROM)
  • Peak Force
  • Average Force
  • Force over Time
  • Force/ Weight Ratio
  • Muscle Symmetry
  • Neuromuscular Deficits

How accurate is the Activforce 2 dynamometer?

The Activforce 2 dynamometer is accurate within 1.4 lbs. +/-5% of the applied force.

What are the technical specifications of the Activforce 2?

The specifications of the Activforce 2 are as follows: Weight: 137 gr / 4.8 oz (with AAA battery) Length: 95 mm / 3.7 in Width: 78 mm / 3.1 in Height: 33 mm / 1.3 in Force Range: 90 kg / 200 lb. Force Accuracy: within ± (1.4 lb. + 5% of the applied force) Max load: 110 kg / 250 lbs System Requirements: Activforce Training App (free) IOS and Android Connectivity Bluetooth: 4.1 (Frequency Range: 2402 – 2480 MHz)

Is the Activforce 2 dynamometer waterproof?

The device itself and the accessories are water-resistant. They may be wiped down with a damp cloth or disinfecting wipe.

How long will the battery last?

Your Activforce 2 device uses a AAA battery that will last up to a year, depending on usage.

Will my account be tied to a specific device?

In order to sign up, you will need an unused Activforce 2 device. When registering your account, your email address will be tied to the device’s serial number. Once you have created an account, you can connect to any Activforce 2 device.

Does the Activforce 2 dynamometer ever need to be calibrated or tared?

Your Activforce 2 device should not need to be calibrated. Rarely, you may find that your strength
measurements do not seem as accurate. When this happens, go to Settings > Calibrate your device and
tare the device.

What comes in the Activforce 2 kit?

In your Activforce 2 kit you will find the Activforce 2 dynamometer with a locking mechanism, a rounded pad, an arched pad for flatter body parts, a leg strap to attach the device to a patient’s leg, a hand strap to attach the device to your hand, a belt to measure pull force and a belt loop plate to secure the hand and leg straps to the dynamometer.

How do I switch out the Activforce 2 pads?

To change out pads, hold the top, softer part of the pad and turn it to the left. The pad should easily twist off. Take the new pad, line it up with the locking mechanism on the device and twist to the right until the pad is secure. The locking mechanism is designed to hold the pads at multiple angles. Keep turning the attachment at 90 degree angles until it locks into the angle you prefer.

Can I redo a single test within a test series?

After performing a strength or angle measurement test, you will have the option to redo the test. Just
tap the “Redo Test” text under the test result screen.

Can I access test data from previous measurement tests I performed in Activforce 2?

No patient data is stored at this time. Once you email a data summary to the email associated with your account or explicitly end a test, the data for the measurements you previously performed is no longer accessible.

Can I store and view patient data later?

Activforce 1 users can sign into the web dashboard at to view patient data. No patient data is stored at this time for Activforce 2.

Can I create a custom protocol?

Each test series you perform with Activforce 2 is customizable. You can set and store default settings for strength tests, but you cannot create custom protocols at this time.

Are there standard protocols I can use in the new app?

Based on extensive feedback from physical therapists, we have done away with standard protocols in favor of measurement tests that are customized for your patient’s injury.

How do I strength test someone who is stronger than I am?

The belt may be used to test a patient or athlete who may be stronger or larger than you. For more detailed instruction, see video.

How can I see a patient’s force-to-weight ratio?

To view force to weight ratio data, tap the “Enter Weight to see F/W %” button on the Strength Summary screen. You will be asked to enter the patient’s weight, then tap “Calculate F/W %.”

How do I change the email associated with my account?

If you need to update the email associated with your account, please contact support using the form below.

Can I use the new Activforce 2 app with my older Activforce device?

Pre Existing Activforce 1 users can use the new Activforce 2 app as it works with the original Activforce 1 device, although the Activforce data dashboard is not currently supported in the new app. Activforce 1 is discontinued and users will be migrated to Activforce 2.

Can I use the new Activforce 2 app with my older Activforce device?

Yes, the new Activforce 2 app works with the original Activforce device, although the Activforce data
dashboard is not currently supported in the new app.

Can I use the old Activforce app with a new Activforce 2 device?

No, the new Activforce 2 dynamometer only works with the Activforce 2 app.

Will I be able to activate my data from the original Activforce in the new Activforce 2 app?

Not at this time, but we expect to allow for the migration of legacy Activforce data into the new app in a
future version.

How do I activate the new app to work with my Activforce 2 dynamometer?

After you purchase your Activforce 2 device, sign up for an account on the Activforce 2 app or log in to an existing Activbody account. When signing up, the app will connect your account with the serial number of the device. Once you have an account, you can use any registered Activforce 2 device.

What is the maximum force the device can measure?

250 lbs. or 110 kg.

How do I measure a knee or elbow joint that does not have full extension?

Although the Activforce device tests a range of motion, and does not calculate a starting angle, you can still measure a knee or elbow joint that does not have full extension. See how-to video for step-by-step instructions.