Digital Dynamometer + Inclinometer

Activforce 2 takes the subjectivity out of manual muscle and range of motion testing. It provides real-time and precise data for evaluation and goal-tracking from the first session to successful recovery.

data rich companion app

The free Activforce 2 app gives you assessment protocols for all major joints. Capture objective data on your smart phone or tablet to track your client's joint health.

long-lasting battery life

Activforce 2 comes with a replaceable AAA battery that lasts over 6 months. No need for charging.

summary data reports

Activforce 2 provides an efficient way to capture client data, increasing the effectiveness of treatment. At the end of each session, a summary report is generated for evaluation and tracking purposes.

Built for comfort

The Activforce 2 dynamometer and accessories were created using a unique combination of materials designed to offer maximum comfort for patients. 


Accurately measure active and passive range of motion


Accurately measure peak and average force, as well as force over time 


Evaluate any muscle group


Track patients’ ROM and strength progress